FAQs - Wood Card Samples Pack

What materials are used in the Wood Card Samples Pack?

The Wood Card Samples Pack from Print Peppermint features a range of premium woods including cherry, bamboo, oak, sapele, bass, maple, beech and walnut. All samples are 1.5mm thick and feature laser engraving and 1 color silk-screen printing.

Are the wood cards in the samples pack made with real wood?

Yes! The Wood Card Samples Pack from Print Peppermint contains 8 unique samples made with genuine wood – each sample is made with one of the 8 premium woods listed above (cherry, bamboo, oak, sapele, bass, maple, beech or walnut). The samples have been carefully crafted using laser engraving and 1 color silk-screen printing for a luxury finish.

What thickness are the wood cards in the samples pack?

All 8 samples included in the Wood Card Samples Pack from Print Peppermint are 1.5mm thick to provide a sturdy finish for your cards without compromising on quality or detail.

How does laser engraving work?

Laser engraving is a precise method of cutting intricate shapes or designs into materials such as wood or metal. In order to create your desired look on your wood card sample from Print Peppermint’s Wood Card Sample Pack we use a laser beam of light to vaporize material away precisely where needed to create your desired design at a high level of detail – this ensures that all sections of your design will be consistent in their perfect cut shape every time!

Is it possible to get different colors printed on my wood card?

Yes we can perform silk-screen printing in spot color Pantone colors and also 4-color offset printing as well.

How can I care for my wooden card sample?

To ensure that your wooden card sample lasts for as long as possible we recommend avoiding direct sunlight and not leaving it submerged underwater for extended periods of time. Other than that you should treat it as you would any other wooden item and clean it using simple household products like furniture polish or wax if necessary!

What is special about walnut compared to other woods used in the Wood Card Sample Pack?

Walnut has a rich dark brown hue which gives prints an incredibly elegant look while also offering great durability due to its strong properties making it an ideal choice when creating luxurious custom cards! It also provides a beautiful contrast against lighter colored woods such as cherry or maple which makes it perfect for adding some depth and character to any customized design!

What kind of finish is featured on each card sample?

All 8 card samples included in our Wood Card Sample Pack feature laser engraving along with 1 color silk-screen printing ensuring that even complex designs will appear crisp and clear when printed onto any type of wood – this combination creates an incredibly luxurious finish making these cards ideal for corporate events or gifts!