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NFC Business Cards

NFC Business Cards

Custom NFC Business Cards! ...An NFC business card can use plastic, metal or paper to create a printed card with an embedded data tag.

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Like a QR Code on Steroids!

When it comes to business cards, plastic, metal, and paper cards have been the norm for years - but a new technology may be coming to the forefront.

NFC (Near Field Communication) business cards use an embedded NFC tag that is about the size of a qr code sticker.

These are similar to RFID tags in the sense that they send data to your smartphone when you “tap” your business card against it.

Unlike RFID, though, NFC cards can be fully customized plastic or metal versions of physical business cards – allowing you to provide pertinent information with a digital style approach.

Best of all, NFC tags can be programmed using special mobile apps that make this convenient technology even more user friendly!

So if you want to stand out from the crowd and create an unforgettable impression with potential customers or colleagues, go ahead and print yourself some NFC business cards today!

FAQs - NFC Business Cards


NFC Business Cards can be produced on any of these great stocks:

NFC Cards can be produced on plastic, metal, or by combining the two materials.


    • 15/30 pt White Matte Plastic
    • 15/30 pt Black Matte Plastic
    • 15/30 pt Frosted Plastic
    • 15/30 pt Clear Plastic


    • Stainless Steel
    • White Stainless Steel
    • Black Stainless Steel
    • Anodized: Blue, Red, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Copper / Bronze
    • Gold Plated
    • Silver Plated
    • Aluminum
    • Carbon Fiber
    • Titanium

    * All metals are available in the following Thicknesses:

    • 0.35 mm
    • 0.5 mm
    • 0.8 mm
    • Custom Thickness (Upon Request)

    All metals are available in the following Finishes: 

    • Raw / Natural
    • Mirror
    • Brushed
    • Sand Blasted
    • Custom Embossed (Upon Request)


    NFC Business Cards can be enhanced with any of these optional features:



    • Rounded Corners Only


    Everything in STANDARD, plus:

    • Straight Corners
    • Matte Lamination (Silk)
    • Hot Foil (All Colors)
    • Spot White Ink / Blocker
    • Silk Screen Printing (PMS Colors)
    • Embossed Numbers & Text
    • Magnetic Strip + Data Load
    • NFC / Data Chip
    • Variable Data
    • Spot Gloss UV (Please note: Registration can be difficult for certain designs)
    • Custom Shape (Please Note: This requires a custom injection mould which is expensive)


    NFC Business Cards typically require:

    • PREMIUM Turnaround Time (See chart below)

    Turnaround depends on the paper & features selected for your project.

    Not sure which category your order falls in to? Feel free to contact our support team.


    Basic Products


    • 16pt Matte & Gloss
    • 14pt Uncoated
    • 10pt Linen
    • Rounded Corners
    • Spot UV
    (2-4) Business Days*
    + Ship Time

    Standard Products


    • Silk & Soft Touch Lamination
    • Raised Spot UV & Raised Foil
    • Hot Foil (Limited)
    • Edge Painting (Limited)
    • 20pt Plastic
    • Some Folding

    (2-4) or (5-7) Business Days*
    + Ship Time

    Premium Products


    • Exotic Papers
    • Thick Papers
    • Hot Foil (All Colors)
    • Die Cutting
    • Embossing
    • Letterpress Printing
    • Spot Color Printing
    • Edge Painting (All Colors)
    • Metal & Wood
    • 30pt Plastic
    • Custom Folding

    15 Business Days*
    + Ship Time

    + Temporary Prints (please ask about pricing)

     * These are Averages based on our previous 12 months of orders.

    By policy, we DO NOT GUARANTEE TURNAROUND TIMES - there are simply too many factors outside of our control.

    Please note, Ship Time is in addition to Production Time.

    If you do have a HARD DEADLINE, please reach out to our customer support before placing your order to confirm feasibility. 

    For orders over $250, we offer Temporary Prints to help bridge longer wait times. These are basic 16 pt full color prints that can ship out in 2-3 days.

    Art Templates

    Visit our archive of Blank Starter Templates


    What is a NFC business card?

    A NFC (Near Field Communication) business card is a type of contactless smart card that uses near field communication technology to enable two-way wireless communication between a compatible reader and the card.

    It allows information exchange via radio frequency waves within the vicinity of 4 cm or less, eliminating the need for physical contact. This unique property makes NFC cards extremely useful in business operations, such as exchanging contact information, tracking attendance of customers or employees, collecting payments, and providing low-touch access control.

    NFC cards are similar to traditional plastic business cards but contain an embedded chip that stores data and communicates with other devices when it comes into proximity with them without making any physical contact.

    This embedded chip can store a variety of data including personal identification info such as name and title, plus digital payments gift cards, promotional offers & coupons linked to loyalty programs.

    How do I make NFC business cards?

    NFC business cards can swiftly communicate information when tapped on an NFC-enabled smartphone. NFC-enabled business cards deliver contact information and other critical data instantly.

    First, buy an RFID/NFC tag sticker or card. This tells your device that the physical thing holds data. Make sure it fits your demands and budget.

    Get an NDEF content encoder. This enables you write data onto tags that smartphones, tablets, and other NFC-enabled devices can read.

    Many firms offer open source or proprietary coding, depending on your preferences and security concerns. GoToTags encoder app or NXP Semiconductors Card SDK are examples (the largest supplier of NFC chips).

    Once you have encoding, use your mobile device or PC to follow the software's directions for formatting, uploading, and downloading content to and from target tags.

    You can choose from popular pre-formatted standards like vCard, which supports contact information with phone numbers and emails, URL links, plain text format with messages, GPS location coordinates, etc., so choose the type that works best for what you want it to do after a successful transaction/connection between devices involved in the communication/interaction process, such as payment/redemption transactions involving coupon codes.

    Put the RFID/NFC tag sticker on your business cards. If your print shop supports stickers, you can print directly over it, or you can use sticky tape after cutting out levels in regions where devices would touch during the transfer process. 3M VHB double-sided foam tapes stick better.

    After completing the preceding procedures, test. If the interface is secure and the connection is proximity pairing only, the results should be quick if you done everything right. Finally, when safe practice compliance signature processes are needed, check trustworthy third-party certificate validations that verify sender and recipient identities. 

    What sizes are a NFC chip?

    The size of an NFC (Near Field Communication) chip can vary a lot depending on who made it and what it is used for. Most of the time, these chips are between 2mm and 4mm square.

    But there are also chips that are much smaller. Some of them are as thin as 0.3mm2 or even less than 0.15mm2. As you can see, they come in an amazing range of sizes.

    Most small NFC chips only have memory and can't do any processing. Larger NFC chips, on the other hand, may have extra parts like processors and wireless capabilities built into them.

    How to tell if a card is NFC or RFID?

    NFC and RFID use differ greatly. NFC sends data across short distances by touching two devices, like phones. Due to its extended range, RFID technology allows devices to communicate data without touching (upwards of 10 meters). RFID devices can be used for payment and access control without physical contact. Instead, devices can send commands without obstruction.

    The frequency range distinguishes NFC and RFID chips: UHF and HF chips used in long-range RFID technology operate at 30–900 MHz, while most NFV chips operate at 13–15 MHz. (Frequency ranges vary by type.)

    Finally, these form factors can be utilized interchangeably if they are compatible. Before buying, do your research!

    Where is the NFC chip in a credit card?

    A credit card's Near Field Communication (NFC) chip is usually on the right side of the card, just below the magnetic strip. If you look at your credit card closely, there should be a small, rectangular bump right below the magnetic strip that you can see and feel.

    This squared-off bump is actually a microchip that is built into your credit card. It has all the information your card needs to work.

    Are NFC business cards worth it?

    NFC business cards are undeniably worth it if you're looking to make a lasting impression on your customers or clients. NFC (Near Field Communication) business cards provide an incredible level of convenience as they allow users to quickly and easily share contact information, websites, social media links, and other important details with just the tap of their smartphones.

    NFC chip ideas

    NFC (Near Field Communication) chips are a new technology that makes it possible for two electronic devices to talk to each other securely and wirelessly.
    With NFC technology, you can make payments easier and faster, collect data more efficiently, unlock doors with a tap of your phone, or even use it to transfer files quickly.
    There are almost no limits to what you can do with an NFC chip. (How scary is that?)

    How to use NFC business cards

    When someone taps their device against your NFC Business Card, the embedded tag reader will read the information that is encoded on the back of the card and then show relevant information like your name and contact information or links to websites related to your business.

    You could also choose to have certain actions happen when someone scans your card, like playing videos about upcoming events or opening pages about products or services you offer. You could also let people access files stored in the cloud when they scan their phone against your card.

    • Designer-Verified Artwork Proofs

      Every art file from every NFC Business Cards order is hand-checked by our meticulous PrePress team.

    • Fast & FREE Temporary Prints

      Want something fancy but need something fast? That's why we offer free holdover prints for orders over $250.

    • 100% Hassle-Free Exchange Guaranty

      If you're not totally happy with your NFC Business Cards, easily request a reprint or refund within 14 days.

    • Seriously Safe & Secure Payments

      We do everything in our power to keep your data safe. Full PCI compliance & data privacy standards.

    Paper Samples, Foil Swatches, & More!

    Get ideas from real examples of NFC Business Cards to help you decide.

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