FAQs - Notecards

What is Print Peppermint's selection of notecards like?

Print Peppermint offers a wide selection of high-quality custom notecards for all occasions. Our selection includes 3x5, 4x6, 5x7 and 5x8 notecards with envelopes, blank notecards, thank you notecards, monogrammed notecards and photo notecards.

We also offer custom printing services so you can create your own unique designs and have them printed on any of our available sizes of paper.

What materials are available for notecards at Print Peppermint?

At Print Peppermint, we utilize only the highest quality materials to produce our custom notecards. All of our cards are printed on thick cardstock that is durable and aesthetically pleasing.

We also have an extensive collection of exotic papers and materials that can be used for a variety of finishes such as foil stamping, die cutting, embossing, spot uv, edge painting and edge foiling.

Are there any additional services or options when ordering from Print Peppermint?

Yes! In addition to providing high-quality papers and materials for your custom design needs, we also provide a totally personalized service with free creative consultation via phone or Google Meet.

You can reach out to us directly to discuss pricing options or the best way to achieve your desired design result.

How do I go about creating my own design for my custom notecard?

The first step is to decide what type of card you want – thank you note cards, monogrammed cards or even photo cards – before selecting the size.

Once you have selected your desired size (3x5, 4x6, 5x7 or 5x8), you’ll need to select the materials from our collection which will be used create your customized design.

You may then contact one of our representatives if you need assistance in creating your design or have questions about how it should look once printed.

How much does it cost to print my custom notecard at Print Peppermint?

The cost of printing depends on several factors such as size requested (3x5 , 4x6 , 5 x 7 , 5 x 8 ), quantity requested ,paper type chosen and the complexity of the finish required (such as foil stamping , diecutting etc).

However we provide free creative consultation service over phone / Google meet where we can discuss various options in detail regarding pricing & other aspects.

Can I order blank notecards from Print Peppermint?

Absolutely! Our selection includes 3x5 , 4x6 , 5 x 7 & 5 x 8 blank note cards with envelopes that come in variety texture & weight.

These are perfect for jotting down quick notes & messages when needed.

Whether its a simple thank you note or an invite for a special occasion these blank cards allow the recipient to feel extra special when they receive this thoughtful gesture.

Does Print Peppermint offer pre-printed thank you note cards?

Yes - we offer a range of pre-printed thank you note cards in different sizes - 3 x 5 , 4 x 6 , 5 x 7 & 5 x 8.

These come with white envelopes and give off a beautiful classic look while conveying your message in style.

We also offer customization services where clients can personalize their greetings by adding their own monograms or photos to make it even more special !

Is it possible to get personalized monogrammed note cards at Print Peppermint?

Yes - at Print Peppermint we provide personalized monogrammed note card services where clients can choose their own font styles & typefaces which will be used to etch their initials onto the cardstock paper.

Clients may select from standard fonts available on our website while more intricate typography choices are offered through our creative consultation service over Google Meet / Phone calls.

Is there an option for getting printed photo note cards from Print peppermint?

Yes - along with offering blank note cards we also specialize in printing photos onto cardstocks suitable for all occasions ranging from birthdays to graduation days !

Photos may be uploaded onto our website along with other customization settings like border styles& text boxes etc during order placement. This allows clients to create truly unique customized gifts perfect for expressing love & gratitude !