FAQs - Menus

What is a menu?

A menu is an organized list of food and/or drink options available at a restaurant, cafe, or bar. Restaurants typically display their menus online, in print form, or both.

How can I get a custom menu printed with Print Peppermint?

At Print Peppermint, we offer the ability to create completely custom menus with our extensive selection of exotic papers and materials.

Our team is also available for free creative consultation via phone or Google Meet to help you design the perfect menu for your needs.

What kind of print finishes are available for menus from Print Peppermint?

We offer a variety of interesting and complex print finishes such as foil stamping, die cutting, embossing, spot UV coating, edge painting, edge foiling, and more to make your menus stand out from the rest.

Can I get templates for my restaurant's menus?

Absolutely! We have a wide range of templates to choose from so you can customize your menus quickly and easily with whatever style you need.

Can I get breakfast menus printed at Print Peppermint?

Yes! We can provide high quality printing services for all types of restaurant menus including breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

What do I need to design my own menu?

If you have an idea in mind for what you'd like your menu to look like then all you need is some creativity and imagination! However if you're stuck for ideas our creative consultants are always on hand to help bring your vision to life.

Is it possible to get printed menus with QR codes on them?

Yes! We offer the ability to print custom QR codes onto any type of menu that we produce so customers can access information quickly and easily while dining in your restaurant.

How much does it cost to print menus with Print Peppermint?

The cost depends on the size, quantity and complexity of the menu but we can always work within any budget requirements that you may have.