FAQs - Magnetic Business Cards

What are magnetic business cards and how do they work?

Magnetic business cards have a strip or back that is magnetic, so they can stick to metal surfaces like refrigerators or filing cabinets. They are a great way to make sure that potential clients and partners can see and easily get to your business cards.

What are the benefits of using magnetic business cards?

Magnetic business cards have a few advantages: they stand out and are different from other cards, people are more likely to keep and show them off, and they are a great way to promote your brand and contact information in a highly visible place.

Can I print full-color designs on magnetic business cards?

Yes, you can use full-color printing to make magnetic business cards that are bright and catch people's eye.

How long does the magnetic business card printing process take?

Usually about 3 weeks.

Can I use a glossy finish on magnetic business cards?

Yes, you can give magnetic business cards a sleek and professional look by giving them a glossy finish. Just remember that the glossy finish may make it easier for fingerprints to show up on the cards.

Are magnetic business cards durable?

If you handle magnetic business cards carefully, they will last just as longer than regular business cards!  They shouldn't fade or change color, either, so they will keep looking great for years to come.

How can I get people to notice my magnetic business cards?

Many folks are forgoing the traditional rectangular card and instead opting to die-cut their magnetic business cards into unique shapes like circles, ovals or even vehicles – talk about creative marketing!   You can also use a splash of color to make your design really stand out.