FAQs - Letterpress Stationery

What is the difference between stationary and stationery?

Stationary refers to any items that are stationary, or not in motion. This can include office supplies such as pens, paper clips, and envelopes. On the other hand, stationery is a type of writing material used for correspondence or other written communication. It includes items like letterhead, writing paper, invitations, postcards, notepads and so on.

Where can I get letterpress wedding invitations?

Whether you’re looking for a classic invitation or something more modern or unique, Print Peppermint offers a wide selection of custom letterpress wedding invitations. You can browse our range of invites online and create your own one-of-a-kind design with our free creative consultation service.

Can I get custom letterpress stationery?

Absolutely! At Print Peppermint we specialize in crafting custom letterpress stationery sets tailored to your exact specifications. Our experienced designers will work closely with you to create the perfect design that reflects your style and personality as well as meeting your budget requirements.

What is the difference between personalized letterpress stationery and personal letterpress stationery?

The difference between personalized letterpress stationery and personal letterpress stationery is that personalized letterpress stationery has the recipient's name or initials printed on it, while personal letterpress stationery has only the sender's name or initials printed on it. Personalized letterpress stationery is more customized to the recipient, while personal letterpress stationery is more focused on the sender's personal brand or style.

What makes Print Peppermint's sets of best letter writing stationery stand out?

Our collections of best letter writing stationeries feature luxurious papers combined with intricate print finishes creating a one-of-a-kind finish that looks just as impressive when framed as it does while in use. We take pride in offering superior craftsmanship and expertly crafted designs that reflect our customers’ unique personalities and styles without compromising on quality materials or finishes.

How do I plan my perfect Letterpress Wedding Invitation Suite?

Planning your dream wedding suite can be daunting but at Print Peppermint we believe it should be a fun experience! Our consultants are here to help guide you through every step so all you need to do is let us know what kind of design you’re looking for then we will take care of the rest from selecting fonts & colors through to selecting which printing techniques like foil stamping, edge foiling & spot UV will bring it all together perfectly!

What is the difference between Letterpress vs Engraving?

Letter press printing uses raised plates on which ink is applied then pressed onto paper creating an indentation on the paper surface while engraving utilizes metal plates which actually cut into the paper creating deeper grooves than those created by pressing inks onto paper surfaces using a press machine. The resulting prints have very different textures depending on which technique was used; Letter press creates subtle shallow impressions whereas engravings create deeper grooves giving them a more tactile feel& look compared to those produced by Letter press machines .

What is Letter Press Printing used for?

Letter press printing has been traditionally used for business cards, invitations & announcements but now due its versatility its also commonly used for packaging labels , posters & even artist prints making it suitable for both commercial applications & fine art projects alike! It produces beautiful results using raised images combined with specialty inks & elements such as metallic foils making it ideal for high end projects requiring intricate detail without sacrificing quality & precision .

What are some differences between Letter Press vs Digital Printing ?

The main difference between these two printing processes lies in how they each produce their final output - digital printing uses toner cartridges while traditional Letter press uses physical pressure (ink) transferred via metal plates or rollers onto sheets of paper resulting in raised images with deeper impression into the paper surface . Compared to digital prints ,letter pressing requires much more setup time but can produce more detailed artwork compared digital output . Moreover ,letter pressing allows customers access to specialty papers & finishing options like embossing ,die cutting ,edge painting etc..which cannot be achieved through digital printing alone .