FAQs - Letterpress Postcards

How do I write a postcard?

When writing a postcard, make sure to include your return address in the top left corner of your postcard. Include the recipient's address on the right side of it.

Most postcards have space below the stamp to write a brief message or salutation. The back of the postcard will be where you can include a longer message if desired.

Where can I print letterpress postcards?

Print Peppermint offers an extensive range of premium letterpress printing services and products, including their collection of exquisite letterpress postcards. They use high-quality materials and offer attractive designs to choose from, as well as customization options to make sure you get a card that is perfect for your needs.

How often do letters get lost in the mail?

Fortunately, very rarely! According to the United States Postal Service (USPS), only about 0.01 percent of mailed items are lost or delayed in transit each year, making it one of the most reliable methods of communication available today. This includes both letters and postcards alike.

When were postcards invented?

Postcards have been around since 1861 when John Pidgeon patented his method for creating them in England. They quickly became popular throughout Europe and crossed the Atlantic Ocean to become widely used in America during the 1880s.

Where do I write an address on a postcard?

Typically, addresses should be written on the right side of postcard when looking at it from its front side with your return address written at top left corner inside a rectangular box marked “From” or “Address” instead of handwriting it directly onto the card itself like normal letters do .

What is a Postcard Stamp?

A Postcard stamp is a stamp issued by postal authorities specifically designed for sending postcards through mail systems worldwide .

These stamps usually cost less than regular first-class stamps due to their smaller size and design features that allow them to fit perfectly on standard 4x6 inch sized cards without any additional handling required by postal workers .

Are there any Letterpress business cards offered by Print Peppermint ?

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Are there any Letterpress Christmas Cards offered by Print Peppermint ?

Yes indeed! Print Peppermint offers an impressive range of holiday themed Letterpress Christmas Cards made from premium papers along with creative designs and sophisticated print finishes . Choose from our wide selection or create something completely new !

Are there any Letterpress Thank You Cards offered by Print Peppermint ?

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Are there any Letterpressed Posters offered by Print Peppermint ?

Of course! Showcase your artwork or promote your event with our exclusive range of premium Letterpressed Posters made from high quality materials along interesting print finishes such as edge painting , edge foiling etc., taking poster printing to new levels !

What is the difference between Letterpress & Digital Printing ?

Unlike digital printing which uses toner based digital printers and computer technology to reproduce images onto paper surfaces quickly & cheaply at high volumes, letterpress uses raised metal plates containing physical impressions that are pressed into paper surfaces one sheet at time which results in subtle nuances & textures not achievable via digital means .

Additionally, letterpress also allows for greater color accuracy compared to digital due its subtractive color mixing system . Similarly offset lithography also uses plates but prints multiple sheets at once resulting in large production runs & lower costs than traditional letterpress machines .