FAQs - Letterhead

What is custom letterhead?

Custom letterhead is a form of stationery that features a company’s name and contact information, as well as other branding elements such as logos or images.

It is typically printed on high quality paper with specific fonts, colors, and designs to create a truly unique representation of the business and its brand identity.

At Print Peppermint, we offer a personalized service to help you customize the look and feel of your letterhead so that it reflects your company’s values, mission, and message.

How do I print letterhead?

The process for printing letterhead varies depending on the printer you are using, but in general you will need to submit your design files (in a supported file format) along with any special instructions or requirements that you would like fulfilled.

Once these details have been finalized, your custom letterhead will be printed onto high-quality paper using industry standard techniques such as digital printing or lithography.

At Print Peppermint, we can provide assistance throughout this process to ensure that your finished product exceeds your expectations!

Are there any examples of letterhead that I can reference?

Yes! We have an extensive portfolio of professionally designed letterheads from some of our most popular clients which you can browse here: https://www.printpeppermint.com/letterhead-examples/.

You’ll also find some helpful tips on designing effective corporate stationary should you choose to create something from scratch.

Can I use a pre-made template for my letterhead design?

Absolutely! We provide several pre-designed templates which are customizable to better match the look and feel of your business or organization’s brand identity while still allowing you to include all essential information like names and contact details without having to start from scratch.

You can explore our collection of templates here: https://www.printpeppermint/letterhead-template/.

Can I create a custom design for my company’s letterhead?

Yes! Our experienced graphic designers can work with you directly via phone or Google Meet to create something totally unique for your business or organization – just share any ideas or visions that you have in mind and we’ll take it from there!

You can find out more about our creative consultation process here: https://www.printpeppermint/custom-letterheads/.

What kind of paper should I use for my company's letterheads?

We recommend using one of our specialized premium papers for best results – these are specially formulated for optimal ink absorption and durability so they won't smudge easily when handled multiple times or rubbed against surfaces over time like regular paper does; plus they come in an array of finishes including glossy, matte, linen weave, etc., giving them an extra touch of elegance and professionalism when used in print materials like letters..

To learn more about all our available options please visit: https://www.printpeppermint/letterhead-paper/.

How much does it cost to print custom letterheads?

Prices vary depending on the size and complexity of the order but generally speaking one sheet usually costs between $2 - $4 USD each when printed with standard ink color(s) onto standard white cardstock paper; if additional features such as embossing or foil stamping are requested then prices may increase slightly per sheet.

For exact pricing please contact us directly at info@printpeppermint.com so we can discuss further details regarding how many sheets need to be printed, type(s) of paper requested, etc..

What types of fonts should be used in professional business letters?

Legibility is key when it comes to clear communication which is why sans serif fonts are generally recommended for use in professional documents such as letters; although serif fonts may be used if needed they tend to make text harder to read which could end up distracting readers from focusing on important points being communicated - some great font options include Helvetica Neue Light & Regular, Calibri Light & Regular, Open Sans Light & Regular etc..

Are there any specific guidelines related to creating an effective logo design for my company's letters?

Yes – there are certain principles which should be followed when creating logos for print materials such as letters; these include keeping text minimal (if included at all), maintaining high contrast between colors chosen (to ensure visibility even when viewed from afar), avoiding overly complex designs (which can appear cluttered), incorporating negative space where appropriate (for easier reading), aligning elements on both vertical & horizontal axes (for structure & balance).