FAQs - Hard Hat Stickers

Q1: What types of hard hat stickers does Print Peppermint offer?
A1: Print Peppermint offers a wide selection of custom-designed hard hat stickers in various sizes, shapes and materials. We provide an array of specialty stocks including matte, gloss, uncoated, vinyl, metallic and more. You can also choose from an array of special finishes such as lamination, foil stamping, embossing and more to make your hard hat sticker stand out. Whether you’re looking for funny hard hat stickers or custom union or electrician hard hat stickers, we have it all!

Q2: Can I get a customized design on my hard hat sticker?
A2: Absolutely! At Print Peppermint we specialize in creating custom designs for our customers' hard hat stickers. Whether you want a simple logo or something completely unique, our team of experienced designers will work with you to create the perfect design for your sticker.

Q3: What materials are used for the hardhat stickers?
A3: All our hardhat stickers are printed using premium quality vinyl material that is resistant to weather and UV exposure so they won't fade over time. Our gloss finish also helps protect against scratches and dust ensuring that your sticker looks sharp even after long-term use.

Q4: How long will my order take?
A4: We understand how important it is to get your order delivered on time which is why we strive to produce orders quickly while maintaining a high level of quality control. On average most orders take 1-2 days to produce depending on the complexity of the job but most orders ship within 2-3 business days.

Q5: Are there any additional fees for ordering harder stickers?
A5: We don't charge additional fees when ordering specialty items like harder stickers from us; however some finishes like foil stamping can incur an extra fee depending on the complexity or size of the job.

Q6: Does Print Peppermint offer discounts if I order in bulk?
A6: Yes! We understand that many businesses need large quantities of harder stickers at once which is why we offer discounts on bulk orders - just contact us and let us know how many pieces you need and we'll be happy to provide you with a quote!

Q7 : Are there any restrictions when it comes to creating a design for my Hard Hat Stickers?
A7 : Yes - please keep any designs relevant to professional use only (no content related to drugs/alcohol/violence etc) as we cannot print these types of images/words/symbols onto our products due to industry regulations. Additionally, please ensure that all designs meet all local or federal laws as Print Peppermint takes no responsibility for any copyright infringement issues that may arise from using copyrighted material without permission from the copyright holder.

Q8 : Are Hard Hat Stickers waterproof?
A8 : Yes - our Hard Hat Stickers are printed using high quality vinyl material which makes them waterproof and UV resistant so they won’t fade over time no matter what environment they are exposed to!

Q9 : Can I add special effects like lamination or embossing onto my Hard Hat Sticker? A9 : Absolutely! We offer an array of special finishes including lamination, foil stamping and embossing that can be added onto your Hard Hat Sticker during production so you can make sure it stands out from the rest!

Q10 : How do I apply my Hard Hat Sticker properly? A10 : Properly applying your Hard Hat Sticker is relatively easy – simply clean off any dirt or debris then carefully peel off backing before smoothing the sticker onto its desired surface making sure there aren’t any air bubbles before pressing down firmly along edges for best results!