FAQs - Foil Edge Business Cards

What are business cards with gold edges?

Business cards with gold edges, also known as edge foil, are business cards that are made to look more luxurious and professional by hot foil stamping the edges of the cards with a metallic finish. This process can be done with different colors such as gold, silver, bronze, copper, rose gold, holographic and many more. With Print Peppermint's custom foil colors option you'll have the ability to customize your card and make it stand out from the rest.

What is edge foil stamping?

Edge foil stamping is a specialized printing technique used to add metallic finishes or colors to the edges of business cards or other printed products. This technique involves using a heated metal die to apply molten metal onto paper surfaces. The unique design of an edge foil stamped card gives them a higher perceived value than normal business cards.

How is hot foil used for edge foiling?

Hot foiling involves using a heated metal die to press metallic ink onto paper surfaces. This process creates a shiny finish on the surface of the business card that gives it an elegant and luxurious look. Hot foiling also allows for more intricate designs and sharper details on the card’s surface.

Are there any colors available besides gold?

Yes! At Print Peppermint we offer over 50+ different color options for your edge foiled business card needs including silver, bronze, copper, rose gold, holographic and many more. We even offer custom foil colors so that you can truly personalize your design!

Can I get holographic foil edged business cards?

Yes you can! Holographic foil offers an eye-catching effect that will definitely make your card stand out from others. It reflects light in multiple directions giving off beautiful rainbow shades as well as providing excellent protection against wear and tear due to its thick construction making it perfect for businesses looking to make a statement with their business cards!

How do I get my own edge foiled business cards?

Getting your own customized edge foiled business cards is simple at Print Peppermint! All you need to do is book a free creative consultation session via phone or google meet where one of our experienced consultants will help walk you through our full range of options for your project including paper type selection, layout design choices and overall presentation ideas! Once everything has been agreed upon we will take care of the rest from printing to delivery - it couldn't be easier!

What if I want blank edge foiled business cards?

Blank (or unprinted) edge foiled business cards are perfect for those who wish to have professional looking cards without any text or images printed on them but still enjoy all the benefits associated with having an sophisticated edging effect on their front side or backside of their card..We offer both single sided or double sided blank edge foil options so that you can find what works best for you and your desired look while saving money in production costs too!

Are copper foil edged business cards popular right now?

Copper continues to be an exceptionally popular choice among businesses today when it comes to creating standout designs with their marketing materials including their most important tool - their business card - because of its timeless yet modern feel which perfectly encapsulates both classic elegance and contemporary sophistication simultaneously. Furthermore adding copper sides with additional embossing effects provide further depth while still maintaining its classic aesthetic appeal making this combination really hard to pass up!