FAQs - Custom Mugs

What kind of ceramic mugs does Print Peppermint offer?

We offer high-quality mugs made from durable ceramic, available in 11 or 15oz sizes and are both dishwasher and microwave safe - perfect for keeping your hands warm on cold mornings with that morning coffee or tea!

What can I use to customize my mug?

With Print Peppermint, you can add photos, logos, quotes, or designs to your mug - making it as fun and unique as you'd like! You could even express yourself through an original design or quote - whatever you feel like!

Is it easy to create a custom mug using Print Peppermint?

Absolutely – the process is fast and easy! Just upload your images or designs, select the size of mug you want to create and place your order. Your custom mug will be ready in no time!

How long will my custom mug last?

Our mugs are designed with durability in mind – they'll last as long as you need them to! They're made from strong ceramic that won't easily break down over time and can be used again and again over the years – so keep sipping away!

Is there a limit to the number of mugs I can order at once?

Nope – not at all! Feel free to order as many mugs as you'd like – whether it's one for yourself or gifts for friends and family members too! There's no limit on how many awesome prints you can get!

How often should I wash my custom mug?

All our mugs are dishwasher safe so they can handle regular washing without any problems – just make sure you don't put them in the dishwasher too often since that could damage the print over time! Plus, if it's something special for yourself, try hand washing every now and then just for good measure :)

Does Print Peppermint offer any other useful products besides printing mugs?

Yes we do - we also offer creative solutions such as personalized apparel items, drinkware products (like tumblers), stationery pieces (like notebooks) and more - which means whatever your next project is about; we have something practical and fun for everyone here at Print Peppermint’s online store!

Is my custom mug suitable for everyday use or just occasionally? A8

Absolutely - feel free to sip away every day with your custom mug design as it is both practical and seen every day; because who doesn't love having their own unique design sipping away during those early morning cups of coffee/tea?! Have some fun showing off your style while having a useful product that will definitely brighten up those mornings ;).