FAQs - Custom Envelopes

How do I address printed envelopes?

You can easily address your printed envelopes with a few easy steps. First, choose a font, either handwritten or typed, that is easily legible.

Next, create an address block that includes the recipient's name and address.

Finally, print the address block on the envelope using a standard printer. If you need help designing your address block, our creative consultants are available to provide free consultation via phone or Google Meet.

What sizes of envelopes does Print Peppermint offer?

We offer a wide variety of envelope sizes, from 4x6 and 5x7 inches to A7 size and 10 inch wide mailers. Our range also includes custom sizes so you can have envelopes made exactly to your specifications.

Are there templates available for printing envelopes?

Yes! We have a variety of templates available in various sizes and colors that can be used as starting points for your own design or just printed as-is.

Our creative consultants are also available to provide free consultation via phone or Google Meet if you need help designing the perfect envelope template for your needs.

Can I get customized envelopes from Print Peppermint?

Absolutely! Our experienced team specializes in creating totally custom designs tailored specifically to meet any requirement you may have. From wax sealed envelopes to money envelopes and more - we’ve got it all covered!

What colors does Print Peppermint offer for its custom printed envelopes?

We have several colors available for our custom printed envelopes including green, red, white and manila options as well as many more!

Reach out one of our creative consultants via phone or Google Meet if you need advice on which color would best suit your project requirements.

Does Print Peppermint also offer pre-printed return addresses on their custom envelopes?

Yes – we provide pre-printed return addresses on most of our custom enveloped products depending on the specific requirements of each customers' project.

Contact one of our creative consultants today to discuss how we can personalize your product even further with pre-printed return addresses - they’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have!

Will my printed envelope be sealed when delivered?

All orders placed with Print Peppermint are securely packaged before being shipped so that they reach their destination safely and without any damage caused by tampering during transit.

For extra protection some customers opt for wax sealed envelopes which are sealed using traditional sealing wax methods before being shipped out but this is not standard procedure for all orders - please contact one of our sales representatives if this service is something that interests you!

How long will it take until my customized envelope order arrives?

Depending on what type of customization is required and how complex the job is along with other factors such as stock availability - typical delivery times range between 7-10 business days after payment has been processed. 

However please consult one of our sales representatives who should be able to provide an accurate estimated delivery date depending upon the specifics of your project requirements!

Is there anywhere I could get inspiration for my own custom designed envelope?

Absolutely - Pinterest is great place to start looking for ideas about what kind of designs might look good when applied to an envelope! Another great source is Instagram where people share amazing examples of their own designs every day – make sure to check out #envelopedesigns hashtag too in order search specifically within this category!