FAQs - Creative Business Cards

How can I design creative business cards?

With Print Peppermint, you can create one-of-a-kind creative business cards with our exclusive collection of exotic papers and materials. You also have access to a library of ideas, templates and samples to help inspire your design. Our team of experienced graphic designers will work with you to ensure your idea comes to life.

What are some examples of the most creative business cards?

Creative business cards come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the industry you’re in, there’s no limit to how creative you can get! Photographers often use their images for their business card designs, while musicians incorporate music notes into their design. Real estate agents may choose a photo of a house as part of their design, while graphic designers frequently go for abstract or typographical designs. Architects often use modern silhouettes or icons in their design, and writers can showcase their work with quotes or book covers printed on their cards.

Can I add special finishes like foil, embossing, die cutting, edge painting or spot UV to my creative business card?

Absolutely! At Print Peppermint we offer an array of special finishes that range from simple matte or glossy finishes to unique touches such as foil accents, embossing and die cutting patterns, edge painting and spot UV highlights. Our team is dedicated to helping you create the perfect card that stands out from the crowd.

Do I need to use only certain templates for my creative card design?

No way! We offer dozens of templates for inspiration but we also welcome custom designs from scratch! Our talented team of graphic designers are here to help bring your ideas to life regardless if it’s a simple concept or something more intricate. We understand that every project is different so we always strive for perfection when designing custom pieces with stunning results.

What type of paper should I use for my creative business card?

We offer a wide selection of papers ranging from standard white uncoated stock all the way up to exotic papers and materials in various thicknesses such as kraft paper, textured linen stock or shimmery metallic foils. You can even choose any custom size you wish - just let us know what you need and we’ll take care of everything else!

Who typically uses creative business cards?

Creative business cards are used by many different industries including advertising agencies looking make an impactful first impression on potential clients; photographers wanting show off their best shots; musicians needing something unique that reflects their personality; real estate agents who want something eye-catching; graphic designers seeking an innovative solution; architects striving for excellence in form; writers who want readers intrigued by the look alone (or vice versa); and more!

Are there any limitations when creating my own unique design?

Not at all! With our free consultation service via phone call or Google Meet appointment we are happy work with every customer individually on creating truly unique designs just for them! So whether it means adding exotic papers & materials like special foil stampings & edgings plus embossing & die cutting patterns along with other finishing touches like edge painting & spot UV – our passionate workforce won't leave any stone unturned until your vision becomes reality!

Will I be able to see physical samples before ordering my creative card printing job?

Yes – not only do we provide digital versions during the consultation process but also actual physical samples when requested (delivered by regular mail). That's because seeing & touching our specialized paper portfolios & textures helps envisioning better the expected outcome – thus making sure it matches exactly what was imagined beforehand whenever possible before placing an order.