FAQs - Bike Stickers

Q: How can I order bike stickers from Print Peppermint?
A: You can select the “Sticker” option on the Print Peppermint website. From there, you will be able to upload your design, choose your desired shape and size, select an indoor or outdoor application, and choose from various specialty stocks, such as matte, gloss, uncoated, vinyl, metallic and more. Finally, you can add special finishes like lamination, foil stamping and embossing.

Q: What are reflective bike stickers?
A: Reflective bike stickers are a type of bicycle sticker which contains special reflective material that will reflect light when illuminated by a car's headlights or another source of light in dark environments. This makes them extremely useful for cyclists who often ride at night or in low light conditions.

Q: Are custom shapes available when ordering bike stickers?
A: Yes! At Print Peppermint you can order custom stickers in any shape and size you desire. Simply upload your design to our website and input the desired measurements to get started.

Q: Can I customize my own dirt bike stickers?
A: Absolutely! You can customize any type of dirt bike sticker with Print Peppermint's user-friendly online ordering system. Just upload your design file and choose from various specialty stocks including matte, gloss, uncoated, vinyl, metallic and more. Plus you can add special finishes like lamination, foil stamping or even embossing for added flair!

Q: What is the difference between decals and stickers?
A: Decals typically refer to graphics that are printed onto a pressure-sensitive adhesive vinyl material intended for easy installation on vehicles such as cars boats etc., while stickers generally refer to printed artwork applied onto a self-adhesive material which is then cut into a specific shape or size before being applied – making them perfect for bicycles!

Q: Are there any restrictions when ordering bike stickers?
A: At Print Peppermint we only require that all artwork must have a resolution of 300dpi (dots per inch) to ensure that each sticker is produced to the highest quality possible. Additionally all images should be saved in CMYK color format if they include any photographic elements or Pantone spot colors if they contain solid vector art elements only.

Q: Is it possible to order outdoor rated bike decals from Print Peppermint?
A: Yes! When ordering through our website you will have the option to choose either indoor or outdoor applications for your decals with outdoor rated options available for those who plan on using their decals outside on their bikes or other vehicles under harsher weather conditions such as rain snow etc..

Q: Do bike stickers need any additional protection after being applied?
A; Generally no additional protection is necessary however it is recommended that certain surfaces be sealed with an automotive wax sealant after application in order to ensure maximum durability outdoors over time especially if exposed to extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain sun etc..

Q: Is there a minimum quantity requirement when ordering customized bike decals?
A; No there is no minimum quantity required when ordering custom decals through Print Peppermint so feel free to order as many as you need!

Q: After receiving my order how do I apply my custom made dirt bike sticker?
A; Before applying your sticker make sure that both it and the surface where it will be placed are clean free of oils dust etc.. Then peel off the backing paper carefully making sure not too much of the adhesive side touches anything else then position the sticker onto its desired surface pressing firmly with fingers starting at one edge then smoothing it out towards the opposite edge – make sure no air bubbles remain before safely securing it with tape or weights if needed until fully dry/secure!