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What to Put On a Business Card: 4 Pieces of Info You Must Have

What to Put On a Business Card: 4 Pieces of Info You Must Have

If you're in the process of designing business cards, you've probably wondered what to put on a business card. Click here to get this question answered.

A good business card never goes out of style.

Many obsess over the style, look and design of their business card, and this aspect is certainly important. But a business card's primary purpose is to give information to the person you are speaking to. It needs to provide all the pertinent information they need to remember who you are and how to contact you.

Some people focus so much on a design that they forget to include the information that the receiver would need most. Read on, and we'll cover what to put on a business card. We don't want you to miss any of the essentials.

1. Your First and Last Name

It seems obvious, but you'd be surprised at how many people forget to include their name on a business card (really). So as a reminder, make sure you put that on there. And when including your name, write it as you wish to be called.

If you prefer Tim to Timothy, or Oz to Ozymandiasmantan, you should use the shorthand version on your card. This way you can avoid having to correct someone or share your preferred name later on.

2. Job Title

Alongside your name should be your job title. Again, this is an area that maybe sounds more self-explanatory than it actually is.

In the world of freelance or small business, the truth is that you probably wear a lot of hats at your business. Picking which one to advertise to people can be more difficult than you anticipate.

It's best to go with a job title that actually describes what it is that you do. Many people make the mistake of springing for CEO or founder, only to confuse people later on. CEO doesn't remind anyone what it is that you do, but titles like Cheif Graphic Designer or Videographer do.

3. All Of Your Contact Info

The main reason someone is looking at your business card is to figure out how to contact you. With that in mind, you should include a number of options.

Keep the info you provide as personal as possible. A business card implies you've made an in-person to connection, and you want the card to carry that thought forward. Include an e-mail that uses your name instead of "info" or other common phrases.

Give direct info, which means your personal line, not the desk of a receptionist or even your house phone where a family member might answer.

4. Your Website

Everyone you give your card to will likely do a little research on you before reaching out. Directing them to your website right away gives you power over what their first impression will be. You'd much rather they see your professional work than that senior year prom photo that you can't seem to scrub from the web.

Make sure the URL of your website is something simple and easy to type. It'll look better on your card and you'll have a much higher chance of reeling people in.

What To Put On a Business Card

Making an in-person connection with someone can be incredibly valuable to a small business owner. Following up on this connection with a proper business card can help to seal the deal with a new client or prospect.

Knowing what to put on a business card can make the difference between a new connection and a lost opportunity. If you have the above, you should be well on your way to success.

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