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What is Work-Life Balance: CEO’s Answered

There is a misapprehension in the general public, which leads to people to think that to become successful in your career; you have to commit your time or whole life working. As the latest technology made its way into the job and home, our society evolved to look forward to constant interaction and connectivity, making a blurred line between home and work. Unfortunately, the concept of a work and life balance is lost to modern society of 24/7 interaction. But it does not need to be. 

As a Chief Executive Officer, you are in charge of a company in general, and which includes setting a good example of how workers must balance their personal life and work. Through implementing work-life balance, a CEO is able to learn techniques for making the balance easier for workers. Instead of seeing personal life and work as two-part things, gaze at them harmoniously to look for the most excellent way of fitting them as one. According to Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, a work-life balance is a debilitating phrase as it entails there’s a stringent trade-off. 

Mary Barra, GM CEO tells she chooses to schedule meeting with business partners over lunch instead of dinners, in attempts to prioritize her family. In an interview, he told that she starts the meeting via announcing if she’ll be leaving when the meeting happens later in the day. This enables her to get her job done effectively and to attend or helps her little one in extracurricular activities. 

Developing a positive balance between work and life as a worker impacts more than a CEO’s day. Aside from the impact to your family, friends as well as personal passions, it also gives an example to workers who may believe that you give up the whole thing for your career. 

Mark Weinberger, the EY CEO, shared his own approach to work and life balance. He was abroad for a business meeting; wherein he gave a short message. Later on, he was questioned if he would be taking selfies with his workers to which he answered no as he needs to get home to take his kid for her driving lesson the next day. In reply, he got lots of emails, no one talked about his speech, and rather they praised him for being there for his kid. 

It is vital to keep in mind that not everyone has a similar expectation for their work life and personal life. Each one will have his own exceptional take on to the meaning of work and life and how to apply it. Some may like to spend time with loved ones at home, while others might be strong-minded to climb the ladder to success. According to Kim Jabal, CFO of Weebly, her secret to a work and life balance is personal and professional integration as well as flexible schedule. Patric Pichetter, a former CFO of Google, stated that life is a series of trade-offs, which include personal and business endeavors. Ruth Porat, CFO of Alphabet, commented that the key is to constantly shift your balance or incorporation based on the demands of your family and work. 

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