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What are Real Estate Signs Made of?

If you are asking this question and are searching online and offline for setting up boards for your real estate business, you have come to the right place. Here we discuss the materials you can use for putting up the “For Sale” or “For Rent” boards across your properties. These materials should be of good quality, and more than that, they should be visible from far. 

The fonts should be clear, and the paint should not fade after days of exposure to sun, rain, or snow. These boards are going to offer every type of information you want to display to the potential buyer or tenant. A dull or crookedly hung signboard might be putting off the buyers too. A lot of it depends on the materials you should use for the real estate signboards. So, you can pick one from the following for making the real estate signs. 


The coroplast looks sturdy and is waterproof too. It is light in weight and easy to handle. It has become most sought-after instead of Acrylic sheets and PVC plastic sheets. This material is available across a range of sizes- from 12”x18” to 24”x24” to 48”x96”. The product is custom shaped and gets rounded corners and PMS Color match. The coroplast boards can also print any color and design. This is great especially if you want to use the same for your brand of real estate firm and wish to put up with your logo. 

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl material is already extensively in use across modern real estate properties. Its use does not just end there. Vinyl banners are a new trend in real estate marketing. Unlike boards, these banners are easy to install and ideal for outdoor use. They are bright and are UV Resistant. These are seamless and available across different size dimensions. You can pick the standard sizes of 3x2 ft or the 6x10 ft. You might even check out the bright customizable banners. 

Whether you go for the boards or the banners, the real estate signs should be crisp in lettering and should not be a deluge of graphics. The primary information should be the highlight of the piece, and you should focus on how and where to put it up. 

We urge you to seek our assistance at Print Peppermint if you are in doubt regarding the material or the installation of the real estate signs. 

Image Source: https://playerprints.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/player-prints-coroplast-close-up-yard-sign.jpg

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