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Social Bizz Tools Virtual Business Card App: A Complete Review

[caption id="attachment_180690" align="alignnone" width="512"]vitual-business-cards vitual-business-cards[/caption] Source In today’s digital world, most networking events, conference meetings, and casual social gatherings are taking place in virtual settings. From Skype to Zoom, digital technologies are changing the way people communicate and conduct business.  While conventional, tangible business cards still have their special place, virtual business card apps are changing perceptions.  Of the many virtual business card apps, Social Bizz tools' Virtual Business Card app is offering a string of flexible features and pricing to accommodate big and small businesses alike.  Here’s why you need a virtual business card to promote your business, and how SocialBizz tools business card app can help you get started. Why Use a Virtual Business Card App? A virtual business card is a digital version of your regular business card that you can use on your smartphone.  A virtual business card allows you to share your business info, personal info, events, and other promotional information, and link to your mobile responsive website.  Say, you’re at a job fair looking for new talent for your business, you can request potential candidates to link to your virtual business card and share their resumes. This way, you don’t have to worry about your business card getting lost or relegated to the trash. Things like these make marketing extra efficient! Virtual Business Card App: Features Social Bizz Tools Virtual Business Card App has a lot of promising features that make it an excellent app for making powerful virtual business cards for your business. Some of these include:
  • Trackable Analytics: Virtual Business Card App has a special dashboard where detailed analytics of your social media activity, profile, and main link hits are displayed. The dashboard displays important information needed to gauge the success of your marketing efforts, such as main link hits, profile hits, and clicks on your social media buttons.
  • Flexible and Unlimited Digital Sharing: The app allows you to share your digital business cards via text and Email. You can share your business card to your entire contact or Email list or a potential client with just a few clicks. This is a great way to build fast networks and make your business an instant hit. Also, you can share your cards with as many people as you like without any limitations.  
  • Integration: You can integrate the app with both your android and apple devices. The app has various templates for both iOS and Android users for experimentation and exploration. 
  • Clickable Links: The virtual business card you create through the app has clickable links, allowing customers to directly access your social media and websites via your virtual business card. You can also add appointment links for marketing events and a lot more…
User Interface/Experience The interface’s aesthetics are beautiful. The white space, design, lettering, and everything make navigation super easy for users.  You only need a few seconds to create and customize a new card. All you have to do is add your contact info, website links, and other relevant information and you’re good to go. If you want to insert images, you’ll have to first have these saved on your phone.  The app settings are convenient to configure. There’s a menu at the top-left of the home page you can use to access the settings page.  Value for Money The app charges you a one-time lifetime fee of 37$. You can also try the app for 14 days completely free of cost — no strings attached. In this period, you are protected by a 100% money-back guarantee. Overall Rating I would give Social Bizz Tools Virtual Business Card App 5 stars! It has every feature you need in a virtual business card app and stands toe to toe with other expensive options on the Play Store, giving you great value for your money.  
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