Russian Printing Company Strengthens Market Position by Investing in Complete Solution from Heidelberg

2x2, a printing company located in the Blagoveshchensk City in the Far East of Russia, has set up a comprehensive solution from Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG. The package takes account of Prinect Production software and a cutting machine called Polar N 92. Stahfolder Ti 52 renowned folding machine used for post-press and Speedmaster CX 74 five-color press that has coating unit are also included. The objective of the company behind this move is to expand its position in the printing industry and at the same time, make its competencies stronger.

Right now, 2x2 is serving various parts of the market like ad agencies. Aside from Blagoveshchensk City, its service extends to Amur and Primorsky and other nearby areas. At present, the production facility of 2x2 is on the borders of the city. The newly purchased machines allow the company to provide its clients with a precise and faster printing service. They are now able to print a run of 10,000 copies and ship it to the client the same day, which takes them four days using the old method. Due to the automated and digital production process, 2x2 is all set to meet the needs of the market. There is no need to acquire or source printing services to other regions and abroad, 2x2 is now able to supply all the printing needs.

2x2 has acquired the Prinect Production Manager software as a subscription model. A cloud-based package in which Heidelberg charges a monthly use-dependent free. Prinect Production Manager is the newest business model launched recently by Heidelberg, and it offers the resources for installing an integrated workflow which covers essential steps in the production process. This software is useful in setting up a Smart Print Shop.

The newly set up printing machines have allowed 2x2 company to boost its productivity. According to Alexander Ogorodnikov, planning engineer of 2x2, “we have managed to lessened make-ready times to a greater extent. In the past, we printed 3-jobs a day, but today we can print eight and more.

On the latest Speedmaster CX 75 machine the feeding of ink run through Prinect Easy Control. This allows us to save time and at the same time reduces waste as we just need 100 sheets for job changes rather than 400. The Speedmaster CX 75 machine is suitable for a lot of different printed products. This can process light papers and heavy cardboard.

At present, the printing market in Russia is in a complex situation. This is due to the development of the printing business and economic environment. The need for offset printing presses has reduced compared before. In spite of this, Russian sales firm Heidelberg CIS able to hold its own.

The use and the sale of Versafire digital printing system are growing satisfactorily. It reflects its application by Russian printing firms to make their portfolios bigger and, at the same time, optimize production processes. Supply of the spare parts and technical service and even consumables are significant in the printing business in Russia. Heidelberg CIS Company is optimizing its contributions in this segment to help customers make the most of the effectiveness of their production.

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