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othrco marketing agency Business Card Design Example

Business Card Gets Texture and Typography Spot On


About the Client

OTHR is a design brand focusing on minimalist and environmentally conscious processes. Formed with the shared belief that it’s better to surround yourself with fewer and better things, OTHR brings the best designers worldwide to develop transformative and unique design assets that have minimal environmental impact.
Key objectives for each product design include its usefulness or relevance, aesthetic appeal, uniqueness, and sustainability. By using technologies such as 3D printing, the brand is able to create pieces only if it is ordered—thus avoiding the surplus of manufactured goods.

Texture and Typography Showcase Minimalist Aesthetic

This one-of-a-kind business card immediately commands attention. Featuring a velvet-textured black background, only the logo is printed front and center. Likewise, only the website is printed on the reverse side. To give the logo and text some dimension, a debossed style is used. The solid typography and debossed effect allow the logo to hold its own against the huge empty space of the card.
The stock used is quite thick and shows a glint of orange in the lining. It goes nicely with the black velvet, breaking the monotone and adding color on the edges.
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