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orchin orthodontics Business Card Design Example

Streamlined Design Boosts Professional Identity


About the Client

Orchin Orthodontics is a dental office based in Washington, DC. Married couple Dr. Andrew Orchin and Dr. Jill Bailey head the clinic. Dr. Orchin has spent more than a decade as a practicing orthodontist, following the footsteps of his father who was a respected name in the field.
Together with their team members, they provide excellent orthodontic care in a family-friendly environment. The clinic offers complimentary consultations that include x-ray, photos, and models for clients.

Streamlined Design Looks Approachable and Trustworthy

This business card uses a sturdy stock colored with the company’s palette of blue, green, and white. It’s a one-sided card, as all the information can be seen on the single side. You wouldn’t have to flip the card over to find the contact information.
The design mirrors the company logo, with the crescent curve used to separate the contact details and the logo. Bisecting the card into two distinct parts makes everything look more polished and organized.
All the printed details use the same simple, minimalist sans serif font to provide a streamlined appeal.
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