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Nathaniel’s Dodson Photoshop Tips and Tricks

Photoshop is a user-friendly tool and but hard to master. Luckily, help is available with the presence of Nathaniel Dodson video. This is a must-have tool for almost every creative individual out there, and with that comes a relatively steep learning curve. On the other hand, it does not need to be as complicated as many people believe. The video provided by Nathaniel Dodson tackles the twenty-five must know photoshop tips and tricks in only 20 minutes.  Some of the crucial tips you will learn from his video includes: 
  • Bird’s Eye View
  • Painting selection
  • Sticky (temporary) tools
  • Over scrolling
  • Blank blend layers
  • Opacity hotkeys
  • Move collections
  • Rubber banding the Pen tool
  • Smoothing for brushes
  • Instant image export
  • Export multiple layers as an image
  • Duplicate anything
  • Straighten images with the ruler
  • Straighten perspective in seconds
  • Fill type, shape, and fill layers
  • Merge selected layers to a new layer
  • Healing edges
  • Color replacement
  • Isolate a single layer
  • Switching document hotkeys
  • Copying layers
  • Temporary rotations
  • Hidden scrubby sliders
  • Gray point eyedropper
  • The banana tools
Why Watch the Video?  As mentioned, Photoshop is a popular and powerful image editing tool. The tips and tricks on the video can help you apply different effects with ease and obtain consistent results. You are also able to make a better-quality image. The video also reveals hidden features that you don’t believe exist in this tool.  Bird’s eye view is an essential tip each one must consider. According to the video, if you to zoom the photo just hold down H and then drag in the picture to dart out to full screen and then jump back to another area. This is considered a smart trick to see your work.  This editing tool offers high-quality results provided the fact that you know how to make use of the features. The video produced by Nathaniel Dodson shows tips on how to resize, correct color, and proper HDR imaging. The video also teaches you how to use this tool to edit and create three-dimensional images.  One tip shown on the video is on how to control the luminescence value of the photo by making black and white adjustment layer as well as setting the Blending Mode to Luminosity. Just make use of the slider to control the lightness or darkness of every color.  The video also teaches how to edit many text layers in just one step. According to Nathaniel, you do not necessarily have to edit every text layer if you are creating one change to all. All you have to do is to simply hold down control or CMD when choosing the text layers to snag multiple ones, and then make alterations through the toolbar.  Conclusion  These are just some of the important tips you will learn from Nathaniel’s video. It is important to have an insight into photoshop to maximize the full benefits of this editing tool. You can watch the video personally to know more about the tips and tricks by clicking here.  The best way to keep your JS files tidy is using the free online JavaScript formatter program.
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