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miner metal Business Card Design Example

Masculine Aesthetic Shown On A Vertical Business Card


About the Client

Miner Metal is a brand specializing in repurposed metal furniture and art pieces. A native of Charleston, South Carolina, owner Daniel Miner is an automotive technician who later on delved into industrial art. He transforms rejected metal into custom art pieces using his plasma cutter, welder, torch, and other tools.
Starting his metal working venture late in 2011, Miner purchased a cutter tool as a gift to himself and made his first piece—a steel rose complete with stem, petals, and leaves. All of the metal was sourced from discarded items, from the timing belt base to the drill bit and filing cabinet steel. In 2012, he decided to leave the automotive business and try his hand at metal art full time, and he hasn’t looked back since.

Simple, Masculine Aesthetic on a Vertical Card

This business card may be pretty simple, but you get a sense of how solid a worker the cardholder is just by looking at this piece. The matte dark burgundy background combines well with the written information in white. An interesting logo with different sea creatures and nautical typography is placed at the top of the card. Under that is the contact information.
What’s different about this card is the amount of information shared on the opposite side. The cardholder wanted to give a sense of what the company is all about, hence the short paragraph about what he does. It may not work for everybody, but placing a brief bio on a business card can give potential clients the chance to know more about your brand without needing to ask.
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