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millapani designer Business Card Design Example

Rich Textures and Palette Showcase Distinct Heritage


About the Client

Millapani is a jewelry brand based in Los Angeles, California. The brand name itself is inspired by owners Tathienne and Alexis’ South American heritage, with millapani translating to “golden lion” in Mapudungún—a native Chilean language.
The brand emphasizes making sculptural handcraftsmanship that can make a woman feel unique and empowered. Featuring designs inspired by the ancient architecture of the region, Millapani strives to bring the essence of the culture right into the contemporary aesthetic. All pieces are handmade in Chile using 18K gold or silver with precious and semi-precious stones.

Rich Textures and Palette Combine to Highlight Culture

The clients wanted a business card that’s as vibrant as the Chilean culture, and this card pulls out all the stops texture- and color-wise. The business card uses velvet card stock, and anyone who receives it will immediately be drawn to the tactile beauty of the paper. With its luscious deep wine color, there’s something subtly regal about this card, and it’s definitely a feast for the eyes. Juxtaposed with the burgundy are shots of yellow used on the logo, typography, and the paper lining.
The logo is surely memorable, too. Inspired by the lukutuwe, an ancient Mapuche symbol for protection and femininity, the logo almost resembles a golden lion at first glance. It’s displayed right at the center of the card, and again shown on the other side next to the cardholder’s contact information.
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