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michele grey tattoos Business Card Design Example

Business Card That Has a Feminine and Otherworldly Charm


About the Client

Michelle Grey is a tattoo artist working at At Needlepoint Inc tattoo parlor. Located in Alberta, Canada, the shop has been operational since 2009, and it is known in the area for the artists’ flair and attention to detail. They offer a wide range of services, including custom tattooing, piercing, and permanent makeup. At Needlepoint also carries custom body jewelry featuring rare gems and glass creations sourced from premium designers.

Feminine Palette and Design Bring an Otherworldly Charm

This business card features plain off-white matte paper printed with neutral light blue-gray ink. There’s a sense of delicate beauty to it, especially with the intricate drawing of a moth sitting atop some branches and leaves, with a branch piercing through one of its wings.
Because the same color is used for both the drawing and printed text, the overall look still feels edgy and cool. Choosing a thin serif font style makes for an understated effect that’s easy on the eyes. The sizing of the font and the decision to make it in all caps make all the important information clearly visible even though the color is lighter than what’s normally used for text.
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