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meridian lee shop bags Business Card Design Example

Fresh Minimalist Style Using Gold and White Tones


About the Client

Meridian Lee is a brand that offers bags, journal covers, and other accessories, which are all ethically-made.
Founder and CCO Rachel Kinley worked in the fashion industry for 15 years. Her experience opened her eyes to the industry’s poor labor and manufacturing processes. She started Meridian Lee back in 2014, focusing on collaborating with a network of artisans to create ethical products. The business model also impacts the lives of women from developing countries who survived human trafficking and other hardships.

Minimalist style and sunny gold create a vibrant design

This business card is light and sunny with its white and gold combination. These colors are in keeping with the brand logo, which features golden sun rays atop the company name.
The simple and unadorned design is refreshing to the eyes. Choosing a vertical print layout gives the business card an up-to-date style. The simple sans serif typography still stands out because of the letters’ wider kerning.
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