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marly designer Business Card Design Example

Personalized Elements Bring Artistry to This Business Card

This business card was created for a designer who wanted a modern and vibrant style.
The color theme chosen for this card is quite unique: rich brown and plum hues are paired with neon yellow edging. The palette alone makes for an eye-catching look.
Placed on one side of the card is the brand logo, a cool linear M enclosed in a circle. Under the logo is the card owner’s signature. Both logo and signature are embossed on the card, giving it a premium and custom finish.
On the other side of the card, the same hues are used for the background. A fun “hello” greeting embossed at the top portion will immediately engage anyone who receives this business card. The contact information is printed in white to contrast clearly against the dark background.
As the card is filled with colors and embossed details, it does not need any intricate typography. The use of simple sans serif font works well in this design.
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