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maison meridith designer Business Card Design Example

Warm Tones Make This Minimalist Design Eye-Catching


About the Client

Maison Meredith is a photography team composed of husband and wife Maison and Caleb Engel. The duo offers wedding photography services in areas like Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago.
As a company that celebrates legacy, style, and romance, Maison Meredith provides unforgettable experiences for their clients, be it for weddings, anniversaries, or other milestones. They document simple and unexpected gestures between partners so that clients can relive those big moments through their timeless snapshots.

Minimalist design commands attention

This thick business card features an ultra-minimalist aesthetic that still captures attention.
The blush tone for the background is used on both sides of the card. The color brings wedding motifs to mind, perfect for this business.
A punch of vibrant orange adds depth and fun to the light blush color. Used on the underline for the company name, as well as on the thick edging of the paper, the orange gives warmth to the overall design. Beautiful modern typography completes the bare but eye-catching style.
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