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magus brands branding Business Card Design Example

Palette and Texture Bring Fantasy and Elegance to This Card


About the Client

Magus Brands is a California-based company that specializes in premium Japanese ceremonial tea products. The company provides shipping services for clients all over the world who seek only the highest quality Japanese matcha tea.
The company also provides excellent resources on traditional matcha tea preparation, either as usucha, which is the thinner and frothier blend, or koicha, the thicker and denser matcha tea.
The company personifies the otherworldly mystique of one of the wise men, hence the name “Magus.”

Rich palette and texture create a mystical appeal

With a brand that wants to highlight the magic of traveling to different parts of the world, the business card needed to be elegant while having a touch of fantasy to it.
Featuring a forest green background, this card uses velvety paper to create a rich effect. Gold borders add a sense of luxury and otherworldliness to the card. The brand name is also printed in gold to complete the look. On the reverse side, a white-and-gold palette is used—white for the background, and gold for the brand logo.
Even with such decadent details, the card still looks fresh and modern because of the minimalist aesthetic and balanced use of colors and textures.
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