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lt supply pro Business Card Design Example

Cowboy Boot Design Creatively Shows Store’s Main Product


About the Client

L&T Supply Pro is a store located in Pennsylvania. Operating for 22 years now, the family-owned company is “not just another hardware store,” but offers a wide range of products, from generators and heaters to apparel and premium cowboy boots.
Owner Vonda Yost Fisher prides herself on giving the community access to big-city product selections, all while maintaining a small-town business atmosphere. This is why the store not only caters to the locals, but also attracts clients from other states.

Eye-catching boot design puts a stamp on creativity

This business card is as unique as the Fisher family. Featuring an intricate cowboy boot design and vibrant green and brown tones, the card showcases fine attention to detail.
Printed on the other side is the company name, along with the important information. The background on this side is kept plain green to highlight the text.
With one look at this business card, you immediately know what the store’s selling point is.
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