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Look What I Did!: The Top Tips for Exhibiting Your Photography

How to Display Photos in Your Home

Are you looking to display your photography around your home? Read on to learn how to display photos like a pro.

You’re proud of your photos. From family snapshots to artwork, you’ve worked hard at photographing subjects that mean something to you.

But if no one seems to appreciate them when they come to visit, then a new display method may be in order. Revamp your display photos to show them off best.

With these top tips, you can help visitors realize how fantastic your talents really are.

Mantel Shelf

Even if you don’t have a fireplace, a mantel shelf makes a perfect focal point for your a large framed photo. Whether you get some unique brackets and lay a plank that you stain yourself on it or use a fancy mantel with crown molding, the display draws your eye. Marry photos with other home decor in an attractive display for the full effect.

Family Wall for Display Photos

One way to display photos is to focus them together based on the subject. A common example of this is a family wall. Here you’d hang framed or canvas prints of the family, with individual shots and group shots mixed together.

Change out with photos when you get new ones taken so that the displayed family photos and posters are always up to date. This doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of the old ones, though. Hang them somewhere else.

Have a separate wall in another part of the house where guests don’t encounter it where you can hang the old photos. It becomes a great tribute to the family over the years, and you can see how everyone has changed.

Seasonal Shift

Each season of the year makes you feel different. Seeing the same walls all the time gets dreary, so change it up each season. The people in your family change with the seasons, too, so why let the wall displays grow stagnant?

Consider how you want your home’s atmosphere to feel every time the weather shifts. If you’re feeling particularly nostalgic next holiday season, instead of displaying regular family holiday photos, why not choose all black and white shots from holidays through the years? This is a great way to bring in pictures from long ago, too.

If hearkening back to a time long past isn’t in the cards for you, you can still create a theme with the photos you choose. Perhaps you pick out a specific color and frame prints that work with that theme instead.

Coordinating, Not Matching

Work to choose pieces that compliment each other, instead of matching. Matching feels too structured, but complimentary photos work well together and give a more relaxed feel. remotepilot101.com

This might mean you have two pieces with similar but mirroring compositions that you display, rather than subjects posed the same way or in matching settings. Coordinating displays are modern and artistic, but still sophisticated.

The Best Photo Ideas

The best photo ideas are the ones that work for you in your home. Display photos in an attractive setting by following our top tips.

Use a mantel shelf, family wall, changing seasons, or coordinating shots to create just the right presentation.

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