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lodestone brookl Business Card Design Example

Kraft Paper Business Card for a Nature-Inspired Look


About the Client

Lodestone is another word for magnetite, a naturally magnetic stone. And this is what Nicole Mayhew chose to name her store. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Lodestone offers handmade furniture, artwork, and textile pieces that have a worldly charm to them. From their chairs and rugs to their lamps and other home décor—everything is one of a kind.
Mayhew has been to 35 countries and worked alongside different artists, and the collection reflects her love for travel and exotic art. Each piece in Lodestone supports artisans and craftsmen around the world.

Rustic Kraft paper business card showcases love for nature

As Lodestone puts a premium on natural and handmade pieces, the business card embodies this brand persona by showcasing a rustic aesthetic. The use of Kraft paper made from softwood gives an organic element to the card. A beautiful ink drawing of a hawk is featured on one side of the card, again emphasizing nature’s beauty.
On the reverse side are the store logo and contact information, printed in custom modern typography. The slim cut of the card adds a trendy touch to it, at the same time keeping the look streamlined.
Every detail on this card feels so well-thought-out, but completely organic at the same time.
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