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little ripples glasses Business Card Design Example

Quirky Analog Business Card Appeals to the Young


About the Client

Little Ripples is a surf shop based in San Diego, California. With a myriad of surfing stores in the area, the company needed to stand out as a trusted source of apparel, surfing equipment, and accessories.

Quirky analog business card design

As the shop’s main audience is made up of individuals with active lifestyles, this business card features color and fun details that will make an impression on young clients.
On one side is the brand name, printed in vibrant orange. The color works well for the sans serif and script typography juxtaposed together. Analog-style glasses can be seen in the background, adding youthful appeal.
On the other side is the contact information, again making use of the two contrasting font styles. Yellow line borders complete the retro feel of the business card. Even with many nostalgic design elements, the overall design remains relevant and new.
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