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little relics antiques Business Card Design Example

Using the Company Logo to Design the Business Card


About the Client

Little Relics is a store based in Sacramento, California, specializing in handcrafted jewelry and wearable art pieces. Its owner, Susan Rabinovitz, is an artisan jeweler who has years of experience participating in art festivals, studios, and other business endeavors. She provides repair services and custom design projects for clients. Her boutique is also a venue for displaying local fine art and sculpture. Monthly art shows cultivate the regional art talent.

Using company logo on the business card

This card may be standard-sized, but that is the only standard aspect to it. The design mainly adopts the store’s logo design for the card. On one side is the original rendering of the logo filling out the entire card. Cool blue and gray tones are used.
The reverse side contains the information, printed inside a molded border that mirrors the logo’s design. The grays and blues are also used on this side of the card. The overall style makes the business card look like a miniature store signage, ideal for boosting customer recall.
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