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linna macleod designer Business Card Design Example

Colorful Circular Business Card for the Creative Type


About the Client

Linnea Macleod is an interior designer based in Portland, Oregon. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, she has delved into construction project management and space planning. She is also experienced in practicing sustainable interior design. Currently the senior project manager for occupancy planning at Nike Headquarters, Macleod aims to hone in on diverse needs that give the best experience for clients.

A colorful circular business card fits a creative persona

This circular business card shows Macleod’s individuality. A combination of brown, gray, orange, and white serves as the background to her signature “M” logo printed in green. Graphic lines, from dashes to the angular logo, add a custom feel to the design. A person who receives this card will immediately know that the owner is very creative and has a distinct perspective. As far as impressions go, this card can certainly stand out from traditionally designed ones.
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