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legacy family center therapy Business Card Design Example

A Unique Business Card That’s Useful for Clients


About the Client

Legacy Family Center specializes in counseling, coaching, and support for families. They have a wide range of services, including psychotherapy for children and adults, play therapy, and treatment for trauma. It is also a resource center conducting trainings and psycho-educational programs.
Founder Nada Marie Brzovich has over twenty years of experience in the field and is currently pursuing a doctorate in international psychology. Her goal is for the center to be a cornerstone of healing for children and families, helping clients overcome loss and trauma.

A two-in-one business card and scheduler

Quite different from the usual format of a business card, this design features a fold, creating a cover.
The cover has an angled cut, which gives it a stylish geometric look. A mix of blues, brown, and white reflects the organization’s brand colors.
The interior serves as a scheduler, where clients can write down their appointment schedule. There’s even a portion for additional notes. The two-in-one design is a unique feature that clients will find handy.
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