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lake jericho financial Business Card Design Example

Thick Business Card Channels a Solid Impression


About the Client

Lake Jericho is an independent investment advisory firm based in Chicago. Headed by A.J. Walker, the company was founded in 2014 following the economic crash that shook the financial world.
Inspired by Lake Jericho in Kentucky, Walker envisioned his company to be a symbol of growth for all clients. The company prides itself on realistic self-assessment and goal-oriented analysis that supports the financial security of families and businesses in the community.

Use of premium thick paper gives a solid impression

This business card features a thick width paper that feels sturdy to the hand. A thicker width not only makes the business card have sturdiness but also gives a sense of reliability for the company. As Lake Jericho is a firm that aims to build trust with valued clients, a thick business card is a confident statement to give to the world.
Simple colors are used on the card. White background displays the logo and contact information. There are no unnecessary details and adornments. With all the elements combined, it’s enough to create this polished look.
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