Kylie Jenner Photoshop Rumors Finally Addressed

Are you familiar with Kylie Jenner and her eye-catching and spectacular vacation photos? Are you also aware that some of those amazing portraits were shot using a film?

Kylie Kristen Jenner is a renowned media personality, socialite, model as well as businesswoman. She is one of the leading stars in the reality TV series called Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She is also the proprietor of Kylie Cosmetics, a cosmetic company based in the US.

Over the hot weather, Kylie Jenner, a Keeping Up with the Kardashians superstar get on many amazing journeys from all parts of the globe, from Caicos and Turks for Kylie Skin to Italy for her twenty-second birthday. While on the trips, Kylie had her friend Amber Astley who is her photographer to capture all the treasured and unforgettable moments.

In an interview with Amber published on Cosmopolitan, she stated that she was invited by Kylie on her trip as a travel buddy and at the same time to capture the vibes and get some cute photos. According to her, when she is in a stunning place with stunning people and happen to have a camera, she will be going to do her thing. And they like dope camera too, so it is kind of hand in handwork.

Amber added that the Kylie Skin tour was amazing, noting that it was very spectacular as well as ready for the photoshoot. Therefore, it made the whole thing simple and easy for her- amazing location, natural light, the accommodation was superbly insane; it is a type of mansion. The whole experience was incomparable, she added.

Soon after the tour, Amber was invited in a jaw-dropping birthday tour of Kylie in Europe. The getaway, for the 22nd’s birthday celebration of Kylie, was also attended by other popular names in the world of showbiz like Scott Disick, Travis Scott, Sofia Richie, and Stormi Webster. Kris, Jenner Kylie’s manager, is also present.

While on tour, Kylie and her pals have many impromptu photo sessions, with Amber responsible for capturing amazing and stunning photos. In one amazing shot, the birthday celebrant was captured posing in a multi-colored bikini by Dior on a lavish yacht.

Those pictures looked insane. Her body figure is perfect. Her face was insane, and the light and background were amazing. Amber took this picture in fifteen minutes and one of their favorite pictures during their tour.

As for those constant photoshop claims of Kylie, Amber shoot on film so meaning it is hard to touch up pictures, not like the digital form. Therefore, while shade correcting is likely, Amber’s images are less likely to be photoshopped a lot.

According to Amber, “I will be like let correct the color, let me do a few things to them. And then send it to her, and it only goes from there. Amber feels like film captures the moment way better than digital.” You do not have many chances, you do not need an SD card, it is only one shot, and that is it. 

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