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kitsch bakery cupcakes Business Card Design Example

Make a Fancy Statement with This Delectable Card


About the Client

Kitschcakes is a Swiss company offering baking services, tutorials, and supplies. The Kitsch team is composed of three ladies, led by cake designer and baking instructor, Sandra Muller Jennings. Graphic designer Valentine Boillat and logistics manager Rebecca Corbascio complete the trio.
Kitschcakes supplies just about every material you would need for baking. From cookware, ingredients, food coloring, to packaging solutions, the company delivers all of these around Switzerland. They also conduct baking classes and provide various tutorials and recipes online.

This fancy business card is like icing on the cake

Kitschcakes is an online resource for all things sweet. Their business card needed to project that deliciously decadent appeal.
So what better way to showcase the brand than to create a design inspired by cake?
An icing-like palette of light pink is used on both sides of the card. The combination of white and fuchsia for the company’s name and logo reminds you of piping décor against the pink background. Other fun elements include stars, cupcakes, and silver borders. The molding on the edges completes the fancy design.
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