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keri moller designer Business Card Design Example

A Dark Palette Creates Timeless Elegance


About the Client

Keri Moller is a freelance designer who specializes in motion graphics, print design, and illustration. Working in New York City since 2010, she has a lot of experience in the creative industry.
She is trained in video, typography, commercials, and animation. These, along with her drive and passion, make Moller truly versatile. She is currently an art director and motion designer for Keelmo, Inc.

Create timeless elegance with a dark palette

It's not surprising that Moller, a logo designer, has come up with a fantastic logo for her personal branding. The logo is featured beautifully on one side of the card, printed with a two-toned gray scheme. This is set against a rich black background.
While the card features dark colors, it does not look dreary. Instead, the palette looks glamorous and luxurious.
The card has a matte finish to complete the noir-inspired aesthetic.
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