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kalena designer Business Card Design Example

Incorporate Photography for a Stylish Business Card


About the Client

Kalena is a clothing brand taking inspiration from nature's elements. Designer Alanna O'Neil has worked in the fashion industry since 2012, with fashion giants like Calvin Klein and Condé Nast. She promotes a clean design aesthetic in her work.
Aside from fashion, O'Neil is passionate about natural landscapes and sceneries. She is an avid photographer, capturing stunning beach and forest views. Snapshots of Vermont's sea and greenery are featured in her National Geographic photos.

Let quality photography speak for your brand

This business card looks fresh and vibrant with an image of the sea as its background. The cool blue color is a nice accent to the light pink used on the other side of the card.
Even with the photo covering one side, the card doesn’t look busy because of the minimalist detailing on the other side.
The card's circular shape keeps the whole look modern. Add to that the custom sans serif typeface, and you get a youthful design to attract stylish clients.
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