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How to become a political blogger in 2020

If you want to get your ideas out and build an audience, starting a blog is the best thing you can do. It is a great way to make some money while maintaining a sense of fulfillment. But before you dive into action, you must have a clear sense of purpose and know exactly what you are going to do. To start a political blog, you should also be careful about the technical know-how.

As a political blogger, you should always strive to be up-to-date. A good writer is usually a voracious reader. For example, after reading an essay on politics you can learn different points of view, which is also important for the success of a blogger. Professional bloggers should not only accept different points of view, but also defend their position. Essay on politics can give you good arguments that can be adopted. There are numerous free essays on politics. Try to find some other examples of great essays.

The more you read the better your writing will become. As a blogger, you should always be ready to learn new things. Never stop learning. In this post, we are going to discuss various aspects of becoming a political blogger. Whether you are interested in conservative blogging or liberal blogging, you will find this post helpful.

What is your blog about?

You should have a pretty clear idea of what you are going to write about in your blog. We assume that politics is your main focus. But if you want your blog to stand out from the crowd, you have to be more specific about your subject. Who are your target audience? Are you writing for college students or women or people who support Marxism? 

In order to reach your target audience, you should be as specific as possible. Do not try to write for everyone. If you do so, you will have no specific audience. 

You can figure out what type of content you should create only when you are know who is going to read your blog. Once you have established that, you can easily grow your following. Make sure you understand your niece very clearly.

If you have a deep understanding of your audience, you will find it easy to establish a connection. If you are writing for people who are not politicians, but simply people who are interested in politics, you may not have to discuss every single thing that happens in politics. But if you are writing for people who are actively engaged in politics, you have to be very careful about the details.

To start your blog, you have to follow some simple steps. Now we are going to discuss the steps: 

Choose a blog platform

Selecting a blog platform is the first thing you have to do. It can be a traditional blog platform or software. Your goal is to get their content out in the world. 

There is no shortage of blogging platforms, but the most popular one is WordPress. WordPress is basically free, but you have to buy a server and a domain. The setup process is easy. You will be able to do it even if you have no experience. Another great advantage of WordPress is that it supports almost unlimited functionality. It is secure and robust. 

We do not recommend the free version of WordPress, because it has limitations. When you are starting a professional political blog, you must have complete control over your blog. Do not make the mistake of using the free service. The decision will not make you happy later.

Set up your hosting

Use BlueHost to get your domain name and set up the hosting. They are cheap, and very easy to set up. These days, many domain names are available. When choosing a domain name, make sure that it is easy to remember. If it is easy to say, people will refer to your refer to your blog. And that will help you attract readers.

Your domain and hosting should be obtained from the same place. For a political blog, BlueHost is our recommendation. It is simply because WordPress has long been recommending BlueHost. The installation process is super easy, the rate is affordable, and the service comes with 24/7 support. Even if it is your first blog, do not hesitate to choose BlueHost.

Set up your blog

If BlueHost is your hosting provider, you will find it very easy to install WordPress. Do not worry if you have any technical problem. You will easily get live customer support. Once you have installed it, the next step is to choose a design theme. The set up process is very easy. BlueHost has instructions for the process.

You can choose from thousands of themes. If you are looking for a certain them, you will find it. To add functionality to your blog, you can add some extra plugins. By adding plugins, you can make your blog feature rich.

Create a persona

How do you know what your audience is particularly interested in? Well, the best way to know that is to notice what you are interested in. Probably you have searched for content on politics but failed to find what you were looking for. Now you can create the missing content. As a person interested in politics, try to create content for yourself.

Follow this strategy if you want to create effective content. If the content is personally satisfying, it will satisfy your audience as well.

Know where your audience is hanging out

Website content does not exist in a vacuum. Your goal is to create unique content; but the reality is: your audience is already using social media, engaging in different forums and reading other blogs. If you know where your audience is already hanging out, you will easily find out what your audience is actually interested in.,, and are some great political blogs. These are just a few examples. You can engage with your audience by visiting these sites. Also, visit online discussion sites. Remember, these are the people you are going to write for. This is the best way to share your passion with the people who think in the way you think.

Write evergreen articles

Make sure you write some articles that do not get old over time. These are the articles that will always attract readers. These articles should be text-based and long-form. There are numerous great books on politics. Write some reviews of these books. You can also review a classic essay on politics.

Over the years, many books have remained popular. Discuss these books on your blog. When writing other long-form articles, make sure that they are informative. These articles should be the main focus of your blog.

Write news-type articles

Many people who are interested in politics are also news junkies. So, if you write-type content, you will get some new readers. During an event, news articles can increase the search volume, although in short term. Writing these articles is an effective way to grab some readers.

If you write about new happenings or current events, there will be less competition. The knowledge base is relatively small in this area, and that is why you have the opportunity for adding your own flavor. Feel free to use this strategy.

But news type articles have a downside. In a very short time they lose popularity. Even if people are very interested in an event today, they will completely lose the enthusiasm after just a few days. So, you should always prioritize evergreen articles.


Every experienced blogger knows that progress in blogging is not linear. It is a matter of sticking to what you are doing, not making crazy progress overnight. Even if the number of readers is frustrating, do not give up. Just keep writing. Make sure your blog always has new content. Remember, all great achievements take time.

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