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holiday warranty Business Card Design Example

Sophisticated And Fancy

A splendid business card adorned with beautiful contrasts, high-end UV spotting, and pithy brand messaging.
I love how the designer has used the UV spot printing technique to make the important bits of the card pop out. To give extra exposure to offers ― 1-year warranty and holiday exclusive ― a glossy, golden color has been used.
I love how the glossy imagery and texts in this business card reflect in the light and provide a stunning contrast. It immediately captivates the attention of the viewer and casts a spell on him.
One other thing the UV spot does is give a smooth matte finish and produce a contrasting difference in texture that gives of a luxurious and high-brow vibe.
These kinds of cards also feel very good in the hands of customers. Their glossy texture induces a palpable and intimate feel when rubbed with fingers.
The typeface used is also consistent with the entire look and feel of the business card. It’s not too comical like a comic sans and not too bland like a Calibri. Also, it’s emboldened and easily readable.
If you’re the proud owner of a luxury business, rectangular cards like these are a perfect bet for you. They are a classy and professional representation of your business.
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