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dermatology consultants medical Business Card Design Example

In a world crowded with banal rectangular and square business cards, how do you raise yourself among the common herd? Quite simple ― you shape your business card like a double-sided convex mirror.
Everything about this card seems straightforwardly simple. The typography is simple. There’s a lot of white space, as there should be. The backdrop produces a classic contrast with the black logo.
So, with all these effective yet unimaginative details, where has the designer hedged all his bets? Well, in the shape.
You can give your business card the shape of a tuxedo, a galactic spaceship, or even a unicorn, as long as it is relevant with the core values of your business. For example, a white hat shaped business card would make sense for a restaurant, but for a shoe manufacturer ― Nah.
The same is the case with this oddly shaped business card. Its shape is apt for a dermatological consultant. It doesn’t look out-of-place or incongruent with the business’s insignia.
I love simple cards like these that warrant their inclusion in a unique creative space by tinkering with one little detail ― the geometry in this case. It goes to show that the designer knows how to keep things minimalistic and clean, yet distinctive.
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