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dapperman clothing Business Card Design Example

Dapperman is an online menswear shop that places one key component in all its product designs: sophistication. Their products include footwear and accessories such as bracelets.
The simple designs can be blended with any lifestyle: from hippie or formal to grunge and punk. The color tones will go with any time of the day, occasion and event.
Modern men will find abundant products of their liking at Dapperman.
This shop is also involved in selling travel accessories such as travel shoe cases; apparel and suiting accessories such as shirts, cufflinks, and suit pins.
No matter the changing times and trends, the color black will always win. It echoes various lifestyles from the wide spectrum they occur in. Rectangular shapes, like the one used for this business’ card, convey highly sophisticated professionalism.
The modernism staring back at you from Dapperman’s product is neatly reflected in the gold, capitalized typography on this card.
The logo itself gives a unique sense, with one key factor at its core: sophistication. This air of neat, classy style is the one present in the business this card is representing.
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