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Comic-Inspired Lazer Die-Cut Business Cards:

Today's business card breakdown is brought to you by SEXANDMONSTERS.COM

"Sex and Monters" really sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Their frequently asked questions section tells their story as:

...we started out as a dumb little web comic by Will Penney, now were a dumb little website by a bunch of talented writers and artists...

A quick browsing through their online shop shows that they have printed comic books for purchase, web comics for download, a magic zombie glass.

Don't forget your zombie swizzle sticks and my personal favorite - the four-piece zombie coaster set.

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Let's talk about design although I'm not entirely sure who designed this piece I believe it was will pinning himself if you checked out their website you saw they have this very cool hand rendered typeface for Sex and Monsters and the "O" in "Monsters" is replaced with a skull.

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For the design of the business cards will simply cover the entire surface of the front of the card with his logo.

On the backside of the car a brief name title and web domain with this sort of ghosted image of the skull in the background

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But what's most interesting about this card is that it was laser die-cut because Will wanted a very intricate tracing around the entire crevices of this logo it was only possible with laser die-cutting.

If you're ordering a set of cards on our die-cut business cards page for this type of die cutting you will choose the complex shape option.


Our standard paper for laser die-cut business cards is an 18 point silk matte laminated stock if you need something thicker - we offer a double thick 32 point silk matte laminated stock.

If you're a graphic designer yourself or just want to share your opinion on this piece please leave us a comment below what you would have designed differently.

Would you have chosen a different paper? Different specs? I'm very interested to see what other ideas you might have on how to improve the design and production of this card.

Thanks for reading and we'll see you again in the next episode of the business card breakdown.

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