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Best Tips to Design Automated Email Templates for Your E-Commerce Business

Automated emails work great for promoting goods and services to customers. Marketers enjoy automated emails, as they deliver great results in terms of customer engagement and lead nurturing. 

According to the stats by Campaign Monitor, by using automated emails, brands can potentially: 

  • generate 230% more revenue than with non-automated emails
  • increase conversion rates by 180%
  • boost user experience by 451% in qualified leads

Moreover, the source also underlines that customers, who receive automated emails about abandoned shopping carts are almost 3 times more likely to complete the purchase

Despite such stellar performance, automated emails have several disadvantages. One of them is over-generalizing your automated emails, resulting in a lack of personalization. This is often the reason why such emails end up in spam. 

An effective way to avoid such a sad outcome for your automated emails is to design them appropriately. The good part about automated emails is that you can design several templates, test, and see, which ones work. 

But if you don’t have time for that, we’ve picked a few tips for you on how to design an automated email template for your e-commerce business that will work for you.  

1. Design According to the Purpose of the Email

The body of the email should clearly represent its purpose, so when the customer opens it, they instantly recognize the goal of the email. 

For example, if you are designing a template for a welcome email, you should keep in mind its two main purposes:

  • instant gratification for subscribing to services
  • validate the significance of the new subscriber for your brand

Take a look at how Glossier, an e-commerce makeup and skincare brand, designed their automated ‘welcome’ email with the consideration pf these two purposes:

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For this automated email, Glossier designed an image featuring its products and its customers using them. The design of this image sends a powerful message to their new customers, welcoming them as a part of their community. 

2. Keep the Structure Concise and Clear

A thoroughly prepared and clear-cut structure of the design of your automated email templates also plays an important part. 

To create an optimal structure for the design of your automated emails, put yourself in your customer’s shoes. What do they expect? What information are they looking for? 

If you take a look at the rest of the Glossier’s email from the example above, you can see how a well-structured email helps deliver all the necessary information: 

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As you can see, the rest of the email is designed using blocks, which is helpful to break down essential information. 

The email gives a customer a sneak-peek into most popular Glossier products, introduces them to the Glossier community, and includes several other information blocks. It also ends with a signature block with the necessary contact information. 

You can design your automated email templates in any other way, but keep in mind that their structure should reflect the purpose of the email and help the readers easily comprehend the information in it. 

3. Create Email Designs that Match Your Brand’s Aesthetic 

Your automated email templates are also your marketing tool, so it is important that they represent your brand’s purpose, product, and general aesthetic. 

For instance, if your brand offers hardware development, it is important that all your automated email templates don’t deviate from that because it can confuse your customers. 

To maintain your brand’s aesthetic, when designing the templates for your automated emails, keep them within the same color scheme, fonts, and general style as all your other marketing materials. 

You can see how it’s done from YouTube’s emails. After YouTube was acquired by Google, the style of its automated emails changed and now reflects Google’s automated emails. Here are examples to compare:

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As you can see, both examples follow the same aesthetic, characteristic of Google, and this approach makes the customers think of YouTube and Google as one brand. 

When a customer opens your email, it should give them visual clues that this email is from you, like your logo, or the colors typical for your brand. This can help improve your brand recognition significantly. 

Over to You

Even though automated emails deliver great marketing results, there is still a chance that they will end up in spam. 

Hopefully, our tips will help you avoid that and create automated email templates that drive your e-commerce business to success.

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