Anderson Co. Teen Died: Her Best Friend Creates T-Shirt Design

It is already less than a week when Jill Hurst, a teenager from Lawrenceburg has passed away. Jill died due to a car crash, and about days later, life support was taken off, and her body organs were donated.

Today, her homeland is admiring her due to her deed with the pink color. Jill Hurst has a friend named Ryan Weber. They have been best friends since they were in grade seven. He heard about what happened with Jill, and he was brokenhearted.

According to Ryan Weber, Jill was friendly, kind, and very supportive. Ryan decided to commemorate and admire Jill by creating a t-shirt design. He visited Splatter Inc to print many t-shirts to give to their friends. The owner contacted Ryan and asked a favor if they could print more. Ryan decided to do it.

Each t-shirt is pink because this is the favorite color of his friend. He incorporates two- dinosaurs on the t-shirt. Also, he includes a puzzle piece on the corner as he has autism. According to Ryan, Jill used to love it when he drew images of dinosaurs. Splatter Incorporated has printed lots of t-shirts and anticipates reaching thousands of pieces.

Proceeds from the sales of the t-shirt will be given to the bereaved family, and another business is doing it as well. Nats made their own t-shirts with the hashtag JillSharedLife as the façade. Also, it includes a ribbon which represents organ donation as well as JH initial.

People wore the shirts to last weekend’s football for a pink-out.

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