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5 Facebook Advertising Tips for 2020

Facebook advertising can be just what you need to get your message out there. It is such an attractive option because it gets your message out efficiently, to the right person, at the right time, without wasting a moment on your part.

Of course this is not to say there's anything wrong with organic growth. Organic growth is great and has its own part to play, but the right ads can go a long way in increasing efficiency while saving you a lot of time in the process.

In case you're wondering just how to execute efficient Facebook advertising in 2020, this post is for you. We have prepared below 5 Facebook ads tips that are especially pertinent for the year 2020. 

1. Develop Engaging Stories Ads

Facebook stories, just like Instagram stories and stories on every other platform, have become one of the most important features by a long margin. It is only logical that ads on stories would be just as successful compared to, say, regular video ads.

It is also worth mentioning that thanks to the seamless transition in Facebook stories, the right story ad can spur more retention, and more engagement than you'd find in other places. 

Also, story ads have a distinct edge over regular video ads. You see, with regular video ads, most users consume the content with sound off. This, then, necessitates the process of optimizing your videos for soundless viewing. 

When it comes to story ads, however, there is no such restriction. Content is usually consumed with sound on, though at a faster rate.

There's another advantage to Facebook stories ads that isn't talked about a lot, and this is the fact that with story ads you don't lose your content after every 24 hours.

To create stunning looking Facebook ads, you can always try out a tool such as OFFEO’s video ad maker

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2. Retargeting Video Ad Viewers 

The idea of retargeting is older than Facebook ads, but works just as great nonetheless, maybe even more so. 

The idea behind retargeting your video ad viewers is simple. If an audience successfully makes it through the first three seconds of your video, then there's a high chance they have a decent level of interest in your product/services, or in your brand as a whole.

And in this case, retargeting them later is not just a great idea, it would be such a missed opportunity if you don't do it. It has also been found that retargeting ends up in more ROI, with average CTR of retargeting ads being 10x more than regular ads, and conversation rate about 150% higher.

There's another reason retargeting is such a good idea. This is because of familiarity. Once a user's consumed one of your previous video ads, even the first three seconds, there's already a degree of familiarity established between the viewer and your brand.

This way, you wouldn't be targeting a complete stranger anymore. You would also do well to categorise your audience and serve advertisements based on level of prior engagement.

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3. Slideshow and Gif Ads

There's no denying the efficiency of video ads. Users love them, and the reason for this isn't so surprising. We all love videos and most of the time would rather moving images than still ones. 

Surprisingly, though, we all seem to forget that videos aren't the only moving picture format available. There are slideshows and there are gifs. Before we go into why these options are so effective, though, it is worth taking a look at why video ads may not be the best idea.

The first obvious reason is the cost. There's no doubt producing video content is quite expensive, and even more so when you're focused on making the very best quality for the very best result. And then there's the question of time. Great video content takes time to create. 

All of these, however, can be overcome simply with the use of gif ads and slideshows

You have high-quality images, and a good deal of motion that you can easily control and put up in very little time.

Tips on making the best gif or slideshow ads include going with a minimum of three and maximum of ten images, leading with your best image, great audio underlay and pertinent text overlay.

4. Make Use of Messenger Ads

Speaking of retargeting, Messenger ads can be one of the most efficient forms of retargeting, if done correctly. First, what are messenger ads? 

They're simply a paid method of Facebook posts promotion which invites users to open a conversation on Facebook messenger.

With Facebook messenger ads you get to capture a host of information from your targeted individuals. You can get data from full name to email and even phone number. 

Facebook messenger ads also boast of an unbelievable engagement rate, a number which some have pegged at about 80% open rate. To put that in context, the general open rate for email marketing is somewhere along the 5 - 7% range.

Official reports from Facebook itself reveals that users of the platform engage in about 20 billion messages with businesses every month. Your way in? Messenger ads.

And remember what we said about retargeting? All you have to do is take note of people who sat through a few seconds of your video ads, and target them through messenger ads. It doesn't get smoother than that.

5. Facebook Ads + Giveaways

Giveaways are a huge trend nowadays. And like most trends, they become so popular for one reason: they work! And again, like most trends, you usually have to add a trick or two of your own to ensure you get the same viral success but with a personalized touch for higher potency.

A way to do this is to combine Facebook advertisements with giveaways. There's nothing more attractive now than giveaways, and combining with ads ensure you get conversions from people who are genuinely ready to pay attention to whatever you have to say.

Sure, they expect something in return in the short run. But if you do this correctly, it pays off in the long run.


There you have it – the five best Facebook advertisements tips for the year 2020. All of these are highly efficient ways of not just boasting CTRs, but also significantly improving conversions. 

Making use of story ads, retargeting, making use of gifs and slideshow, integrating giveaways with your ads, and taking advantage of the personal touch that comes with Messenger ads – all go a long way in ensuring successful ad campaigns in 2020 and beyond.

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