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2019 Pentawards Honor Best in Packaging Design Worldwide

Pentawards 2019 was held in London last September, 12 and the winners were distinguished at a gala ceremony.

With hundreds of the world’s premier and renowned packaging designs, as well as creative minds, was present. Pentawards presented 113 Bronze, 118 Silver, 58 Gold, 5 Platinum, and 1 Diamond award. Other special awards include Brand of the Year, Agency of the Year as well as the Nxt-Gen award which is given to the most excellent student entry.

Diamond Award

Diamond award was given to Microsoft company for its Xbox Adaptive Controller, intended to make the branding and packaging available for players with mobility issues. The design stands out from thousands of entries.

The retail package and the single shipper have been made to disclose what’s inside- single shipper shows the retail package, and in turn, the retail package shows the Adaptive Controller. The company includes discreet air cells into the package for extra safety for the security while keeping a handy size as well as clean design.

Platinum Awards

Pentawards also distinguished five brands due to the dedication and creative impact in the design of the package, giving them with Platinum Awards.

  1. In the category of beverages, the company that received the platinum award is Contagious. This company is honored due to the Lind and Lime design. The idea has come from the chronological background of the people as well as trades of Leith that are symbolized by the exceptional complexities of the personalized bottle, label as well as the name.
  2. The best food award was given to Backbone Branding due to its Riceman idea, made to accolade the farmers in the US. The concept is based on civilizing the growing process of rice, with the name standing for human labor.
  3. Best Body Award was given to Emart due to its latest makeup product called Stonebrick. Emart is the biggest retailer of makeup products in Korea. The idea behind Stonebrick is to let clients purchase from the wholly customizable array of makeup, with individual parts pulling together to make custom collections.
  4. Platinum Other Markets was given to Auriga, an investment company because of its XMAS Data Self-Promotion. This is state of the art design, making sure its sets apart from the rest over busy holiday person. This company designed a set of boxes of chocolate, which utilize the confectionary to signify data sets- pie graphs and pie charts, thus signify the performance of the company.
  5. Best Luxury Awards was given to Robert Nunez for Perfeccionista. It is a special edition wine concept. To emotionally connect with the buyers and position the item like a glass of unique premium wine, the design was made to attach worth to the concept of imperfection.

Other Special Awards

Other special awards like Agency of the Year was given to Backbone Branding while PepsiCo Design and Innovation Centre grab the Visionary Award and People’s Choice award and Anna Kondratova and Natalia Radneva of HSE Art and Design School grabbed the Nxt-Gen Award for their Wash and Play Creation.

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